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Advanced Architecture Data Recorder/Injector (A2DRI)



Our A2DRI is a cutting-edge digital interface device that provides capture, record and playback of pulse descriptor words (PDWs) and real-time, external interfacing for the A2PATS® family of products.

The A2DRI enables our A2PATS systems to become NEWEG-compatible using the latest industry PDW formatting. The PDWs are injected real-time into the A2DRI and played out at radio frequency (RF) utilizing the A2PATS. The high-speed, 19-inch, rack-mountable A2DRI enables the auto-generation of emitters using PDWs, providing an affordable solution, minimizing labor and time.

  • 16 terabytes of RAID storage
  • Multiple interfaces, including 10gb for live streaming, 1gb and high-speed serial
  • Ability to utilize NEWEG and user-defined formatted PDWs
  • Record and playback of captured PDWs
  • NEWEG  DGEN compliant
  • Non-ITAR



Product Part Number Product Category
A2 Desktop Recorder/Injector (A2DRI) 4 channel 40520-41000-40 Lab Testers


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