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Continue to Serve

As a former service member, you know the sacrifice our customers make. Join us in our mission to continue to serve.

Continue to Serve

At Textron Systems, we're serving you - the bravest and brightest. It is our mission to innovate, create and deploy the solutions that will keep our customers safe while accomplishing their missions. As a former service member, you know our customer and may have even used our products and services. Your experience and expertise is invaluable - continue to serve by joining us. 

Caring for You at Every Stage


educationContinue Your Education

Want to continue your education? Gain that new certification? Our Education Assistance Program is here to help.

balanceMaintaining Balance

Flexible working environments help employees balance responsibilities in every area of life. Employees at our Compressed Work Week locations have several Fridays off every year!

benefitsBenefits for YOU

At Textron Systems, we meet you where you are. Our Total Rewards approach helps you remain PhysicallyFIT, MentallyFIT and FinanciallyFIT at every stage of life.

Military Skills Translator

Turn Your Military Experience into New Opportunities

Bring your expertise to Textron Systems and join our mission.

military salute

Continue to Serve

As a company that works closely with current and former service members, we understand the importance of continued service to our country. To support our employees that are still active in the U.S. military, we provide paid leave of absence. We thank you for your service.

employees having a conversation

We Salute YOU

Our employees constantly work diligently to serve our customers - when they go above and beyond, we take notice. Through Textron Systems Salutes, employees with special achievements are nominated by their colleagues and recognized for the incredible work they do. Join a team that works to consistently cheer each other on and celebrate each success.