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Ripsaw® M5

Extreme Mobility, Decisive Lethality...Wingman Ready

Bringing together speed of innovation and proven program execution, the Ripsaw M5 Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) is ready for the fight. Ripsaw M5 is the 5th generation of Ripsaw providing speed, mobility and unmanned capability. The M5 can silently maneuver and keep pace with the current and future maneuver forces, pushing capabilities beyond the human formation.

Key Benefits

  • Proven robotic control and interfaces
  • Hardened wireless connection
  • Scalable/configurable armor, suspension and final drives
  • Open architecture
  • FLIR 360-degree perception technology
  • Field modularity based on mission

Multi-Domain Mission Agility

Ripsaw Payload Graphic.png


Disruptors Wanted

Our mission is simple. We put tomorrow’s technology in the world’s hands today. If you are a courageous thinker who is inspired by the mission of our users, apply today.